Chatham Food Market is one of the few mid-size supermarkets in the Chicagoland area.  Being a mid-size market means that we can offer our customers and community the best of both worlds; think of us as the perfect combination of the large and small supermarkets.  We are able to offer our customers the personal service and attention, which you get at the smaller markets and we are able to offer a large variety of products, which you get at the larger markets.

We were established 25 years ago by husband and wife team, Leonard and Donna Harris.  Their goal was to provide a unique shopping experience for each individual who walks through the door; this is something we still believe in today.  Our customers’ acceptance and loyalty has been proven throughout the years, families and people of all ages frequent our store on a continuous basis for all of their needs.

Our success is ultimately measured by our friends choosing us because of their belief in our ability to constantly exceed their expectations in price, service, and selection.

We have friends, not customers.
We are family, not co-workers.
We are owned by the community, not by a corporation.

We will embarrass you with kindness,
Chatham Food Market